Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists


You’re putting money into a marketing campaign that drives traffic
to your CRM and website. What happens once they’re there?

D2D provides BDC support that ensures the Clicks and Calls
to your dealership become Leads and Sales

Database Coordination

To avoid overlap, D2D coordinates campaigns and database selections directly with your BDC department to ensure that your customers are receiving timely offers, not being overloaded with repetitive emails and choosing to opt out of your system.


BDC need a boost in making appointments? We can provide your staff with incentives to close appointments

Script Support

A marketing campaign is only as strong as your follow up plan.Our team will make sure that your BDC reps are properly scripted to keep your message consistent with the campaign that brought them there.

Social CRM Integration

Our Social Media Lead-Gen campaigns link directly to your CRM, for near-instant follow up ability, and higher probability of conversion.

Sales Support

D2D can provide strategies to help your BDC manager increase production within the department

Detailed Reporting

Every BDC Manager needs to know the numbers, and D2D provides codes for each campaign making it easy for your BDC or Marketing manager to check instant and easy to read reporting right from your website’s Google Analytics

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