The Digital to Dealer Direct Difference

Case Study #1

Digital to Dealer Direct Case Studies

This case study compares a dealer’s statistics in 2014 prior to signing on with Digital to Dealer Direct (D2D). This dealership tasked D2D with handling all of their marketing endeavors. This was the only major change at the dealership – management and ownership stayed the same, the dealership location was not moved, nor was another location opened. D2D implemented a full-spectrum plan, comprised of both digital and traditional marketing avenues. The results of these campaigns over time have yielded substantial increases in web traffic, leads, and sales. The efforts of D2D have cemented this particular client as the number one volume dealership for its particular make in its state, month after month.

Case Study #2

Digital to Dealer Direct Case Studies

This case study represents a customer who reallocated funds from Digital to Dealer Direct’s (D2D) digital campaigns to other media sources. The customer experienced an immediate and chronic decrease in website traffic, leads, and sales. The percentage decrease, in all three areas, was extremely close with an average of 25.72% decrease for all areas. The only change made at the dealership was removing D2D and implementing another advertising agency to handle their digital and traditional media buys.

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