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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Behind-the-Scenes Car Dealership’s Social Media

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Social media is a digital tool that was designed to allow users to quickly create and share content. Social media platforms have expanded from being utilized for an individual only to becoming an important part of marketing for businesses of all sizes. Today, creating a social media account for your dealership is simply not enough. Dealerships need to provide engaging content that is relevant to customers. Sharing behind-the-scenes content on your dealership’s social media is the most efficient way to do so.

Content shared on social media can become repetitive. For example, if your dealership posts every day about the same special by the third post your audience is uninterested and is craving to see something else. Instead of showing the usual view of your dealership in planned posts whether it be photos or videos, we recommend showing a different side of your dealership to supplement these posts. 

Going beyond sharing the basic deal and promotions posts on your dealerships social media is easier than you think! Below are three types of behind-the-scenes content for dealerships:

    • Dealership Updates
    • Dealership in Action
    • Personal

Dealership Updates

The environment of a dealership is fast pace and things are always changing. If something is new or noteworthy your customers should know about it! This could be updates on projects going on at the dealership, moving locations and renovations or expansions.

One of the dealerships we work for decided to renovate their collision center and share the process on their social media platforms. They shared compelling step by step updates – utilizing photos and videos of their employees at work.  This type of behind-the-scenes content allows customers to look forward to the exciting changes going on at the dealership.

If there is an eye catchy new vehicle on your dealership lot, take a video and share it! Creating a video that instructs new car owners on how to operate specific features can attract and be helpful to potential customers. Social media is the new word of mouth – social media success can be measured on how often your followers share your content.

Dealership in Action

Creating this type of behind-the-scenes content may be the easiest! Have whoever runs your social media platforms walk around your dealership and take pictures or videos of your team doing what they do best. Take a picture of your salesman with a happy customer and their brand-new car! Take a video of your service technician explaining a vehicle repair. Or create small social media DIY tutorial that can help your customers check their oil, use a car code reader, clean up cloudy headlights and more! For this you could talk with your service team to see what topics they think would be best to assist customers in need of quick solutions.

Sharing these types of posts lets potential customers to have an insight on the relationships and culture of the dealership. This gives your dealership the opportunity to build on the brand image. Customers can have a deeper understanding of everything that goes on at the dealership and what makes it unique.


Social media is all about interacting and building connections with customers. What better way to do so then by sharing information about those who make up the heart of the dealership? Personal post can include employee birthdays, new hires, fun facts, and office pets!

A fun welcoming way to introduce your new employee to customers is by taking a high-quality picture of them with a bio explaining their role at the dealership. The goal here is it get customers familiar with your team! Sharing fun facts about your dealership’s manufacturer is designed to drive up social media engagement.

Scheduling posts and planning content is definitely something you don’t want to stop if you’re doing so. This is the perfect way to make sure you have regular and consistent things going out but incorporating posts like these or popping in last minute things as they happen is the perfect way to supplement your content calendar. Sharing behind-the-scenes content on social media platforms builds a connection between the dealership and the customers that traditional post does not. It is a genuine and easy way to establish trust with your customers. Be sure to share dealership news and personal content ideas with your automotive digital marketing agency. This way they can be sure to utilize the info not only on your social media but also on your website and in other areas.

Our team recommends that all dealerships share behind-the-scenes content! Today customers interact more with brands online than they do in person so why not give it a try. We are here to answer any questions your dealership may have on engaging your customers on social media platforms. If you’re struggling with social media content, or want to add some paid social media advertising, contact us today by sending us an email at or by calling 877-958-4524!