Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists


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Taking advantage of the conveniences of online shopping has become the new normal. Nothing is out of the ordinary when it comes to buying online anymore. Access to almost anything is at our fingertips. From clothes, furniture, and groceries to your next vehicle.

Many people automatically imagine themselves visiting a car dealership for a test drive when thinking about purchasing a new car. However, what makes buying a car online any different than furnishing your entire home from online shops? The short answer – there is no difference. The automotive industry has been working to transition this process into a virtual one and has been working to customize to buyer satisfaction.

The pandemic has impacted many businesses, but just like any other successful industry– dealerships adapted to this change. New processes have emerged to help you seamlessly find and purchase a vehicle, right from the comfort of your home. For individuals who prefer to avoid crowded public areas, or can’t quite seem to find the time this is a perfect option.


The first step of buying a vehicle, online or in person, is research. When looking into a new brand it is a great idea to start by reading up on the company values, vehicles offered, and reviews of other buyers. Once a make and model has been chosen – it is time to start searching for your new car.

Dealerships have built their websites to be more user-friendly which ensures the consumer is getting the most informative experience as possible. There are unique build comparison web pages that will allow clients to see the differences between makes and models. This research ability will help customers narrow down different options.

When searching for a pre-owned vehicle, you might have a specific one in mind. If you put that vehicle into the search of your web browser, there are a lot of tools that help populate the car you’re looking for in your area. If you don’t have a specific vehicle in mind, it’s a great idea to choose a dealership and then check out their pre-owned inventory on their website. All of the information you need is there: mileage, Carfax reports, photos, videos, and the vehicle’s features. As an automotive digital marketing agency, we can tell you first hand how many tools there are online to help you find the perfect car.

When purchasing a brand-new car, it is always best to start by looking for dealerships that are within the area. Finding a dealership that accommodates what you are looking for and facilitates a positive client experience is beneficial. An online experience can even reduce some of the stresses you might be worried about with visiting a dealership.


The next step is contacting a dealership for more information about the vehicle. Being virtual does have its perks. During business hours, an entire team is dedicated to handle everything related to internet sales. This team can answer all questions within minutes and there are many different forms of communication available to clients, depending on what makes each person most comfortable and accommodates their schedule including phone, email, text, and chat.

One you’ve chosen your new car, many car dealerships now have online retailing tools like WebBuy and others on their sites. This makes it so that you can complete your entire purchase online. No more waiting at the dealership, no more going back and forth – it’s all right there at your fingertips from the comfort of your couch in your sweats!

Now is the time to experience how effortless it can be to buy a vehicle from the comfort of your home. Work with a dealer one-on-one, pick out the dream vehicle, set a price, and purchase the new car – just like that!

Dealerships are even offering at-home deliveries, and some provide at-home test drives. With an at-home test drive, the dealership will bring the vehicle of interest right to your driveway. If this is not offered, you can always ask to do a vehicle walkaround via video chat.

After picking out the new vehicle and a deal is finalized, your car can be delivered right to your doorstep! The salesperson will go over everything in the car while being parked at your house. All questions can be asked and answered during the delivery without ever stepping foot into a dealership. The recent adaptation of the automotive industry has made it easier to purchase vehicles out-of-state. With the steps put in place to sell virtually, it helps ensure that clients are comfortable purchasing a car without seeing or test driving it.


The buying process has become much more transparent than the stigma behind it. There are so many tools out there to help with research. The guidance from dealership personnel makes this experience effortless for the client. Time is the most important thing to people, so preserving it is the primary goal for buying from home.

If you’re a dealership and want to learn more about getting your dealership set up for online car buying, contact us today!