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Client Agency Relationship

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Relationships between clients and agencies are key because, without a good relationship, projects may not be done as well as they could be. Looking into what makes an ideal client-agency relationship relies on knowing each party involved and good communication. If the client doesn’t understand the agency, and vice versa, how would work ever become productive? With good communication skills and knowing the capabilities of each party, the projects will succeed.

Learning Each Party

Both the client and the agency should know each other’s expectations, what they are capable of and who to communicate with. Clients may request elements of a project that just won’t work – whether legally, physically or monetarily. This is where the account managers should explain to the client as to what the agency can do for them and how they can help! On the flip side, account managers should also be aware of the client’s needs and expectations, the typical “style” they like and the messages the client wants to convey to the public eye.


The chain of communication is important for both parties to stay organized, so the projects run smoothly. Account managers are key factors in this equation because they deal directly with the client as well as the internal members of the agency. Account managers need to understand the clients, their needs, their desires and what they like. Communication is a strong key factor in this because without communication there will be loss of information which leads to frustrations in both parties.

When a project comes in, agencies can talk about the timeline and the projection of the logistics about the project, first and foremost, with the client. Once the information has been taken about what the client is looking for, the account managers are going to communicate to the art department about what the projects is, the expectations and the timeline. If communication is effective, the art department can then act within that timeline to get the client the final project for approval.

There are times when a project is delivered that there will be changes; it’s to be expected. Changes could be a result of the client wanting to add additional information that was not previously discussed. Sometimes clients are visual people, and they need to see the finished result to see if their initial idea was indeed what they wanted. On the other hand, account managers should be able to effectively communicate with the client when the project they want is not the most effective. In this case, the account managers should offer suggestions on how to improve the project that would make it better.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

When communication is spot on, both agency and client know what they are looking for and the projects will flourish. Agencies will gain a better relationship with the client and the client will be satisfied with what the agencies can do to help them. D2D has managed everything from video production and placement, email campaigns, conventional media and so much more. If you need help making sure your dealership stands out against your competition, contact us today!