Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Common Automotive Marketing Mistakes

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To the outside world automotive advertising might seem simple: We are cheaper and better, so buy a car here! However, those of us in the automotive industry know it is much more complicated than that. If you’ve been pitched by advertising companies or have been to an automotive conference, you know that there are at least 21 touch points before someone makes the decision to purchase a car and step foot into a dealership. That means you have be on your game when it comes to marketing. Below are some common automotive marketing mistakes you’ll want to be sure to avoid.


While it might be tempting to just push the absolute lowest price out there and put it all over your ads whether online, in broadcast, or even in print. However, this can be a big mistake. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely want to be aggressive with your pricing, but it should be realistic. The prices you advertise should be numbers your sales team can actually match and include specials from the manufacturer like 0.9% APR and conquest cash as well as a manageable amount due at signing. Believe it or not, most customers can spot those “fake” payments from a mile away!

2. All Your Eggs in One Basket

Many dealerships find something that works and then rely solely on that piece of advertising. Whether that’s a credit mailer, a lease return campaign, a 3rd party provider, or paid search, it’s never a good idea to rely on one thing. For starters, the market right now is in a very strange place. People aren’t reacting in the same way they once were to advertising methods. That means if you’re relying on one or two things that typically always worked, now you have to start from scratch. You should also consider those good ole’ touch points. If you’re focusing everything toward one or two things, how are you hitting those other 20, or 19 touchpoints for a potential customer? It’s a good idea to have a healthy marketing mix.

3. Marching to Your Own Beat

You’ll definitely never hear me say this in any other capacity but marching too much to your own beat in this scenario can be a mistake. If you or your automotive marketing agency are trying to come up with outlandish ideas for headlines and creative, you might be putting in more work than is needed. It’s always a good idea to stand out from your competitors but think back again to those touch points. Utilizing the same headline and look as the manufacturer when they offer something is a good way to get the first 5, 8, 10 touchpoints done for you! Get a little further with your advertising by playing off the factory. You can still put a local feel on your ads and of course, you want to have a solid marketing mix to make sure you get in front of that customer in a more effective and faster way than your competitors.

These common mistakes are just that – common! So, if you’re making them now, don’t feel bad! Just sit down with whomever is in charge of marketing for your dealership or your automotive digital agency and restrategize. One or two changes could go a long way. If you feel like you’re making some of these mistakes and more or aren’t quite sure how to course correct we are here for you. Contact us today online or by calling 877-958-4524 to get it right. D2D is here to help!