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Customer Appreciation

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Everyone knows how vital customers are to your dealership, where would your dealership by without them? Fun fact: every third Thursday of January, April, July, and October is Get to Know Your Customers Day! This national day is annually and is a great reminder to get out of the same old routine and do something a little fun or different in your dealership to surprise everyone who walks through your doors! A great part of this day is the story, what stands behind it and what you can do within your dealership to take part of this fun time.

The Story

Get to Know Your Customers Day gives you an opportunity to reach out to your customers, get to know them and their needs more personally rather than just business. Every customer has a reason they do business or choose not to buy from your dealership – learn why. Learning about the good and the bad reviews is a key indicator about your general customer base. You can learn what makes them happy and disappointed about how your dealership runs, your employee’s interactions and your overall sales. This is key. Use both the good and the bad for your dealership’s advantage to see where you can improve on to build customer’s trust. If a customer is that unhappy, chances are, they will not be a repeat customer.

What Can You Do?

Making a customer happy all stems from your employees ranging from answering phones, financial and the process through landing the sale. They are the face of your dealership, the people who greet the customers and the people who make the customers feel secure about their decision. Having employees that are thoughtfully trained on customer engagement will only benefit you! The more your employees feel confident in their abilities, the easier sales will be with your customers. For those employees that were notable by the customer should get some recognition!

The next thing you always do is learn who your customers actually are! Learning about your current customers’ needs and spending habits will help you organize how to gain them as repeat customers. When customers become repeat customers, they are often more prone to recommend you to others because they are so happy with their experience and never had any problems.

As a business you can do a couple things to help learn about your customers that are fairly simple! Show off great testimonials through social media, your website and in advertising. Everyone reads reviews and will make their decisions based off reviews. Respond to your customers reviews. This shows there’s a person behind the computer actually reading what you say and what you say is important. Another great idea to do is surveys. Such a simple thing but it can really let customers open up. It can be things about what they like about your dealership, what they don’t like, and what they are looking for in a vehicle buying process.

Have Some Fun

Customers are the lifeline of your dealership and should often be evaluated on how you can make this the best buying experience for them. Happy customers mean more business, more business means more profit. That sounds like a win-win to me! Take some time out of your typical day to day to ensure your employees are ready to go and recognized with their hard work. Reaching out to your customers to see what they REALLY think about your dealership and how you can improve will only make them feel more comfortable. And when in doubt… there’s always buying some donuts for your customers and employees on “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” Who doesn’t love donuts?! D2D has managed everything from websites, reputation revival, Facebook lead ads and so much more. If you need help making sure your dealership stands out against your competition, contact us today