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Digital Marketing Trends 2022

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Can you believe it…2022 is just around the corner! With all the changes in the digital marketing world in 2021, we can only expect that we will continue to be adapting as we move into the new year. As we take a look back at this past year, Apple IOS updated their privacy settings to allow users to opt out of cross app tracking, Google got rid of their broad match modifier keywords, replacing them with phrase match keywords, and Facebook is no longer allowing advertisers to target users under 18 by interests or activity.

As we look towards next year, we have already been made aware of a couple new changes that will be instated. The digital world is constantly evolving and as marketers, businesses, and users of social media, we need to learn to adapt.

Extended Search Ads will be Retired

As of June 30, 2022, Google will not be allowing new extended search ads to be created. Campaigns that already have extended search ads implemented will be allowed to continue to run, pause, or remove those ads however, no additional ads in this category can be created or edited. Rather, Google is prioritizing responsive search ads as their go to ad format. Responsive search ads allow users to input multiple unique headlines and descriptions and Google randomly mixes and matches to find ideal combinations. This leaves more automation and optimization up to Google and less autonomy for the ads manager.

Although June 2022 seems like a long way away, it is important to consider this change now as campaigns created in the next 6 months may be impacted. If you are a fond user of extended search ads, it would be ideal to create any needed ads for the future sooner than later, as the ability to add and edit them will disappear. Alternatively, if you are already a responsive search ad user, nothing will be changing in the set up and run of these types of ads.

Removal of Google Cookies

Google is following suit with many other service providers including Safari, Firefox, and most recently Apple IOS by removing their cookie tracking. These changes are to provide the user with more control of their privacy settings and can choose to opt out of tracking across apps and websites. On the other hand, users can opt in to be tracked and therefore their cookie data will be available to utilize. If your business has or will be affected by the privacy updates that have taken effect in the last year, reach out to us or check out our latest blog to learn more about the cookie-less future! We can help you create campaigns to reach the right people in your area, while still abiding by audience preference for privacy.

Digital Retailing is the Future

It is not new that businesses had to learn to adapt to selling more inventory online during the pandemic. Evidently, this has changed the future of e-commerce and shopping across all sectors. In the automotive industry, dealerships are adapting and innovating to allow shoppers to skip or spend less time in the dealership by completing the car buying experience online. With companies like WebBuy, who are integrating digital retailing directly into a dealership’s current website, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to ease the experience for customers.

As we move into the new year, there will be more changes that arise, and as a digital society we will need to adapt to those changes. At Digital to Dealer Direct, we have a team of intelligent and diligent marketers who are learning and understanding the digital changes that are occurring in our world. We are on top of the 2022 digital marketing trends to provide you with the best advertising experience and success as possible. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how these and other trends will impact your business in the future, contact us today!