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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

EV Advertising

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If you were told 20 years ago that we would have close to 2 million electric vehicles on the road today, would you have believed them? Fast forward and here we are in a world where electric vehicles are becoming a popular option for car buyers today. Almost all manufacturers already have models on the road and ready for sale, while other manufacturers have EVs in plan for a future model to add to their lineup. This is a perfect time for your dealership to jump on board with the new opportunity to help educate your customers on EVs and prepare your dealership for the oncoming new opportunities that lie ahead.

Educating Your Customers

Technology is constantly changing and there’s no stopping it. Start by educating your customers about EVs and what they have to offer. You must remember that not all your customers may be part of the younger generation that embraces change and is eager to learn. With lack of information there may be hesitation in your customer base on making the switch with new technology. Customers may be intimidated by the switch, or they may not realize how easy electric vehicles are to own. Utilize marketing campaigns to help push information on EVs through mailers, flyers, emails and social media. Through these materials comes a perfect platform to explain EVs, how they work and features that these vehicles have. The more education the better! 

Preparing Your Dealership

Alongside your customer base ensure that your own employees are all familiar with electric vehicles. Your employees should learn about how an EV functions, available features, maintenance they require, and warranties that are offered. This will help ensure that if a customer walks in that is curious you will have a fully knowledgeable staff. Another way your dealership can help prepare is to offer test drives with an electric vehicle. Not only do your customers become knowledgeable about how an EV works, but they are also able to feel it themselves on how it is to drive since EVs are known to be smooth and quiet on the road. This would be a perfect opportunity to create an event at your dealership to test drive and educate your customers on electric vehicles all at once and have fun with it.

Another aspect you have to prepare your dealership for electric vehicles are through your service department. Come up with a plan for vehicle maintenance and service offers by creating specific service offers that are geared towards EVs. Help promote these service offers through mailers, emails and website banners to help spread the word that your dealership is capable of EV maintenance and repair. This will help ensure that your dealership is ready through it all.

Be Open to New Opportunities

There is currently no escaping electric vehicles whether we like it or not – we are headed there no matter what. Help prepare your dealership with the changes in the vehicle market and all that has yet to come. Educating your employees and customers in the dealership, through marketing materials and promoting special test-driving events will help increase awareness about EVs. Understand that not everyone is on board for electric vehicles yet, and that’s okay. Be patient and understand that some customers take longer to embrace the transition to an electric vehicle.

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