Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Gearing up for Fall 2023

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Like it or not, Labor Day is headed our way in just a couple of weeks which marks the unofficial end of summer as kids head back to school and cooler temps await us. So, it’s officially coming: Fall! This selling season might look unlike anything we’ve seen before, and your dealership needs to be prepared. Here are some tips to get your store ready for sales this fall and winter.

Do your Homework

Just when you thought you graduated and homework was over, here it is again. Go to the factory and industry meetings and conferences. See what people across the business are saying and experiencing. Talk to your automotive digital marketing agency about the data they are seeing. There are some interesting patterns developing in car buyers in 2023. For instance, according to CDK, even though inventory is on the rise, buyer satisfaction is dropping. Are you seeing this same trend?

Be Prepared

You’re reading this blog, so you’re off to a good start. But, it’s just that; a start. There are a lot of important times and events coming up that you’ll want to be prepared for: Labor Day, Black Friday, end of year, and holiday travel (hopefully) bringing in more service appointments.

We know they’re coming, so don’t let them catch you off guard. Start preparing now. A good place to start is Labor Day. It’s right around the corner, so hopefully you have a strategy and creative in place already, but if you don’t, it’s not too late. Work with your marketing partner to develop a sales even approach and make sure to communicate with your customers any dealership closures you are planning for the holiday. It’s always a great time to do something special to recognize your own employees as well as those in the community.

In addition to all of this, there could be another thing coming. Have you noticed that your sales start to slow after Labor Day as everyone settles back in from vacations and summer houses and a new school year routine? Buying a new car is often the last thing on people’s minds while they deal with all of this. So, your family car sales might go down, but your college-aged buyers might peak at the same time. What have you noticed in your dealership in the past that you want to prepare your sales team for?

Consider Going Backwards

That’s probably something you never expected to read in this blog but know that I only mean in a very small way. It’s no secret or surprise that the industry has changed so much so over the last few years that it’s likely never going back to “the before times.” However, as inventory starts to roll back in, don’t forget everything you used to do. Incentivize your sales team for sales numbers (whereas perhaps you’ve been incentivizing for gross). Perhaps you need to go back into different areas of advertising that you stepped away from with low inventory. Make sure you’re showing up in certain areas for digital advertising where competitors have a large presence. Digital advertising is our specialty at D2D, and if you need any help here -we’ve got you!

Let’s recap! Keep track of industry trends by talking to other dealers and auto experts. There is no better time to invest in conferences and events! Make sure you plan ahead to stay ahead of the calendar and competition. Meet with your automotive advertising team and make a plan for the rest of the year. It might seem like a long way away, but we all know how fast it goes. Consider some of the “old” strategies that worked well for you and whether or not you could benefit from them now if your inventory level is higher.

If you need any help developing a plan or simply want some input on your current plan, D2D is here to help! Give us a call today at 877-958-4524 or contact us online. Our automotive digital specialists are here to answer your questions!