Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Get to Know Digital to Dealer Direct

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Maybe you know the team and our philosophy at D2D very well, but if you’re reading this, chances are you don’t! If you don’t, we won’t hold it against you. Now is the time for you to learn all about what makes D2D stand out in a sea of automotive marketing agencies!

D2D Philosophy

Our philosophy is really quite simple and can be drilled down to 3 words: Control, Consistency, and Innovation.

1. Control – At D2D, we pride ourselves are being prepared and making sure all our clients are prepared. Gone are the days where our dealerships don’t know what’s happening with their marketing strategies on a regular basis. We make sure all our contacts are informed every step of the way so that they and we can maintain control over the marketing. Putting a fantastic marketing plan together doesn’t work if no one at the dealership knows what’s going on.

2. Consistency – Our philosophy of consistency is based on the ever-changing data that a customer’s journey to purchasing a vehicle is based on so many different factors. Currently, it’s reported that there are 24 touch points, 19 of them digital, before a person walks into a dealership. That means the better consistency your marketing strategy has, the faster you hit those 24 touch points with a consumer. That’s why D2D clients display a consistent message across ALL marketing platforms from their website to social media to SEM and display campaigns.

3. Innovation – At D2D, we strive to always provide the best and the newest technology to our clients. To us, it’s not enough to offer the standard automotive digital marketing We are constantly looking at how we can better our data and advance our programs to offer our clients the best and the absolute latest. We want to stay ahead of the competition so you can too.

D2D Team

In addition to our philosophy, there is a huge factor that sets Digital to Dealer Direct apart from the other agencies and vendors you might work with. Like a lot of companies, we think our team is pretty special, and so do our moms! But seriously – the thing that sets our team apart from a lot of other vendors is our in-house dealership experience. From the service department, to BDC managers and a Dealer Principal, we know the inner workings and challenges dealerships face, and that makes us uniquely qualified to work with our clients.

In addition, our team is trained specifically for automotive compliance for ALL manufacturers and are certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics as well as all digital marketing services.

Customer Service Experience

One thing we know for sure is that there is no creative or technology that can withstand poor customer service. Whether it’s waiting days for a response, or getting no response at all, we know this is the reality a lot of dealerships face. This is probably the single biggest thing that makes D2D different. Not only is our team 100% there for you, but we will make sure you get whatever you need whenever you need it. We have quick turnaround times – sometimes instantly if that’s what you need! We know that the automotive retail business is fast paced and things can change on the fly. That’s how we work -fast paced and on the fly because, as I mentioned before, we understand car dealerships and their needs. We know how frustrating it can be to wait days, or sometimes even weeks for something to be done. With D2D, you’ll know instantly that we are on top of it, and we won’t miss a deadline!

If you’re concerned your current marketing partner isn’t up to par, download our 2020 marketing checklist and guide to see where they stand. For a no-obligation demo of our service, give us a call at 877-958-4524 or contact us today.