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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

How to Maximize Your Dealership’s BDC Experience

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As inventory begins to become more readily available, and the automotive industry continues to evolve, so do the consumers. A dealership’s Business Development Center (BDC) has always served an important role in the sales processes across the dealership. Think of your BDC as an extension of your sales team, a jack of all trades that can be used for so much more, so let’s maximize what they can do for your dealership!

Proper Training

In any position, but especially BDC, it all comes down to proper training. Sure, they can learn a few scripts and how to role-play, but to fully maximize your BDC you want them to understand and meet the customers’ needs. As the world of car buying has changed over the last few years it is no longer about quantity but quality when it comes to leads. With the proper training, your BDC can convert those leads, getting them into the store and connecting them with your sales team. The BDC is a critical step in the car buying process, ensuring that they have the right training and understanding to get the job done will help create a seamless customer experience and get your dealership those sales.

According to the NADA, the average dealership spends approximately $64,000 per month on advertising but spends less than $1,000 per month to train their entire dealership. Placing more value on developing your team will only lead to success.

Proper Tools

Like any profession, your BDC will need to have the proper tools to enable them to succeed. Yes, a phone and computer are a good start, however, you also need to look at your dealership’s BDC process. Is your BDC equipped with goals and a realistic way to meet them? Are they involved in the weekly sales meetings and interacting with your sales team? Do they have a successful CRM service that will enable them to reach their goals? When the BDC has the proper tools, they can focus on bringing in those quality leads.

Clear Roles

There is nothing more confusing than having a position but not defining what their role and tasks are. The BDC department can have many roles in your dealership, so clearly defining what their roles are, what they should be accomplishing, and what they are responsible for is a key factor in maximizing your dealership’s BDC. You want to ensure that everyone from the dealer principal, GM, and managers, down to your sales team are on the same page about the role your BDC plays in the overall structure of your dealership. Giving them the support, they need ensures that clicks and calls become leads and sales.

More than Just New Car Sales

While you usually think of BDC for new car sales, why not maximize your BDC efforts in other areas of your dealership? Service departments can be a successful area to apply your BDC efforts. Not only could it help generate ongoing service revenue, but an upcoming service appointment could support new or used sales. They can identify a prospective trade or buy-back opportunity as well as someone coming to their lease end.

Promote Customer Retention

For any business, customer retention is huge. At a dealership, you always want to protect your customer base in the hope they will stay loyal to your brand. This is a perfect job for your BDC department by engaging with your loyal audience and using personalized messaging. By engaging with loyal customers, your BDC can help guarantee that your dealership is top-of-mind the next time your customer is back in the market.

While the automotive market is always changing and evolving, as an automotive digital marketing agency sending traffic and leads to the BDC, we need to be sure that your BDC departments do the same. BDC departments are no longer just note-takers hiding in the back broom closet cold calling potential leads. They are now one of the first impressions potential customers can have of your dealership, and so much more, why not maximize and make your BDC the best it could be.

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