Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Labor Day & Your Dealership

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With summer coming to an end, also brings the crunch time for the last push for vehicle sales in the summer. It’s no doubt this summer has been an usual one with inventory issues, but it’s still a popular buying time if you have a car customers wants! Dealerships can help boost business by doing a special sales event for the last holiday for the summer, Labor Day! This holiday becomes critical because it’s the last big business holiday for the summer season. Don’t let opportunity pass you by, take advantage of it! Make your dealership stand out against the rest and with a fun and creative plan to tackle the holiday weekend.

Get a Plan

Work with your automotive digital marketing agency to figure out the best way you want to celebrate the holiday weekend. Do you want it to just be for the holiday weekend itself, or do you want the sales event to be all month long? There is no wrong answer, both campaigns have certain benefits! Doing a Labor Day Savings Event all month long makes creates notice of what specials and incentives you are offering to your customers throughout the month. By doing this your emails or ads don’t get lost it the million other emails from other companies that blast customers during the holiday weekend. Another option is having a Labor Day Savings Event just for the weekend itself. Once the holiday is over, switch to a Labor Day Savings Event All Month Long. This can catch customers by surprise how the deals are still going!

However, doing a Labor Day Savings Event the weekend of Labor Day carries its own perks. Your creative can change from an End of Summer Savings Event to a Labor Day Savings Event to show urgency and change. This creates an idea of a limited time event on those specials, even if your specials have stayed the exact same from late August. You can add to the excitement by doing a special Labor Day offer on a vehicle or adjust your prices to make people want to run out and see the vehicle before the deal is gone.

Stand Out Against the Crowd

Since Labor Day is such a big push for end of summer business you are going to want to stand out against the crowd. Talk with your automotive digital marketing agency and make your creative fun and exciting! Yes, red, white, and blue are the typical “go-to” but that doesn’t mean it has to be typical. Have exciting graphics of flags, banners or busts to make copy pop. Different shades of red and blue that are more vibrant stands out and catch the viewers’ attention. However, there is a fine balance. Too many stars, stripes, and graphics can also bring in the problem of being too busy and make the text hard to read or where to point a viewer’s attention to.

Certain manufactures come with certain guidelines, so not everyone may be able do certain bright colors or graphics. That’s fine! Our art department is there to make sure your designs pop while abiding by the guidelines all without you having to worry. Even if the creative has to be adjusted to meet the criteria of the brand guidelines, using the right photos and colors can complement your brands identity while still representing the holiday.

Summer is a great time to gain sales as everyone is out and about in the nice weather. Don’t let a holiday opportunity pass your dealership by, create an excitement for just the holiday weekend or celebrate all month long to create awareness of your offers against other dealerships. All in all, make your advertising stand out against the crowd and have fun with it!

Here at D2D we have Account Managers that are organized and dedicated to help you succeed. Our Account Managers are backed by a Design Department that thrives for creativity and making your advertisements come to life from a vision you may have. If you need assistance making sure the sales opportunity Labor Day can bring doesn’t pass you by, contact us today.