Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Marketing Consistency

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People are creatures of habit and thrive on consistency which includes advertisements, commercials, brands, and products. You may be asking what this has to do with your dealership, but this makes a huge impact on how you present your dealership. Customers want to be able to recognize your dealership which shows dependability through advertisements and encourages them to be able to go to your dealership. With this recognizable quality with your dealership gives you an edge on the competitive market that often surrounds your dealership.


Now I know we have touched about this previously in other blogs, but it is important to reiterate the importance of this. Having your dealership stick and remain on brand is such a valuable aspect of band recognition. Whether it’s through colors, your dealership logos and visual tendencies in your advertising this makes it all recognizable. Making sure your dealerships logo is on everything that you advertise creates a connection between viewers of your advertisements and your dealership. Seeing constant advertisements, logos, and offers creates a subconscious imprint for potential customers.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t refresh your dealerships logo or the look of their advertising once in a while. However, with that said you don’t want to overhaul everything because potential customers won’t be able to recognize your dealership and brand. To read more about this topic read our previous blog, Automotive Advertising Creative, to understand about all that goes into an effective automotive advertisement.


Let’s be real, we all know that each dealership is fighting against one another to get customers in their doors and win that sale. Often times dealerships are all lined up in a row and with so many offers, variety in brands and promotions, customers will often dealership hop. This can create confusion for customers while they shop because there are a variety of options. If your dealership is consistent in their advertisement presence versus your competition that’s all over the place the customers will automatically recognize you and opt to stick with you because you are familiar.

Customers also want to feel welcome and secure that their decision is a smart one. Showing a sense of stability within your advertising shows that your dealership is confident in their offers. Also, having relatively consistent vehicle specials shows customers that your dealership is financially responsible and reliable. If your vehicle specials are super low one month and the next month they jump up, customers won’t be able to trust if they received a good deal. However, there are certain times, such as holiday seasons when dealerships can have a little more freedom to offer an extra special offer.

Consistency is Key

Marketing consistency should surround your dealership inside and outside of the showroom. How you portray your dealership through its branding making it recognizable to customers. This makes them feel more comfortable knowing you are a reliable dealership with quality offers that are consistent that they know what to expect. This can really make your dealership stand out from the competition because people love what they are comfortable with. D2D has managed everything from websites, video production and placement, conventional marketing and so much more. If you need help making sure your dealership stands out against your competition, contact us today!