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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

New Vehicle Launches

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People love the latest and greatest in every aspect in their lives, so why not bring that concept into your dealership? Use a new vehicle launch or a re-designed vehicle to your benefit! A new vehicle concept or launch is a perfect time to draw attention to your dealership and breaks up a dealership’s typical content. Sending out emails, talking about it on social media, showing pictures will generate excitement and anticipation. New vehicles also draw in new customers from different generations and keep your customers up to date on the vehicle while also increasing awareness of your brand and your inventory.

Build Anticipation

Building anticipation is the foundation to gaining sales once the vehicle is released. Giving people sneak peaks, information and pictures all work together to build eagerness to see what else the new vehicle has to offer. Photography will draw the customer in initially with a stunning visual, however by adding text with the image it will give them details behind the vehicle and all that it has to offer. Be sure to add as much information and visuals to your website as possible, but make sure it’s organized and easy to navigate.

Sending out emails to customers will raise awareness that there is new vehicle launch on the horizon. Emails are a prime spot to showcase photos of the exterior and interior of the vehicle so buyers can get a sense of the entire vehicle. This is especially important if the vehicle is an all-new redesign due to the fact that people want to see what changes were made in the design from the previous model. Emails are also a perfect opportunity to highlight key features and bring people to your website to see more about the vehicle.

Along with emails your dealership should utilize social media to showcase photos, videos and information of the vehicle. When a viewer sees an eye-catching photo or video in your dealerships feed, they will be drawn in to see if you have posted any more about the new vehicle. Videos are a great way to generate engagement on social media. With Covid-19 many people are online on social media frequently throughout the day, use this to your advantage to get the word out!

Work with your automotive digital marketing agency to figure out the best way to incorporate the launch into your other digital marketing strategies. Adding copy to your paid search campaigns, adding the model to any display you are running are all simple and effective ways to generate more awareness digitally.


Once customers are drawn in from your emails or social media, they will be able to see everything about the vehicle along with stock photos. If pre-ordering is an available option, customers will be able to feel the rush that they are going to get their hands on the latest and greatest once the vehicle is officially released. This creates a sense of urgency and the clock is winding down until the release! Pre-ordering also is a great tool and will be an opportunity for your dealership know an estimated inventory for future buyers.

Launch Party

A completely new vehicle or a drastic redesign might warrant a launch party. These parties are a great way to draw attention to your dealership, generate awareness of the new model, and also build your CRM list. You’ll want to make sure you work with your automotive marketing agency to get the word out, draw traffic to your website for the event, and put together a well organized party. During the event, it’s a great idea to do giveaways, test drives, and collect the information of those in attendance to build your CRM.

New Customers

New vehicle launches and vehicle re-designs are also a perfect opportunity to gain new customers. If a vehicle is returning to the market, it can target older generations who can recognize the vehicle and get a sense of nostalgia. However, younger clients may not know this vehicle ever existed therefore they see it as a brand-new vehicle! This brings an opportunity to broaden your customer range which can lead to more sales.

New vehicle launches break the trends and routine of the typical vehicles that come from the manufacturer – use it to your advantage. If there’s an opportunity to draw in more business from a launch, why not utilize it? Don’t let opportunities pass you by! Create excitement, entice new customers, and educate people what’s great about the new vehicle to help bring in new opportunities. D2D has managed everything from websites, digital marketing, and new vehicle launch parties. If you need assistance making sure your new vehicle makes a splash, contact us today.