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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Offering Rewards and Incentives

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It’s no secret that in recent years, competing and surviving in the automotive industry has become, to say the least, increasingly challenging and complex. Customer loyalty and customer retention is the foundation for all dealership operations. To succeed in the automotive market, you need to emerge from the crowd, and make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to maximize the value of each and every customer.

Running incentive programs can help you do just that by boosting your sales and building a permanent and profitable relationship with your client.

There are many factors to take into consideration in order for a customer incentive program to be effective and successful:

    • Customers need to fully see the value of the product– How will it benefit them as well as help them save money. Gas savings, for instance, would be a huge benefit right now.
    • Appealing to the customers’ demands – Every client wants a brand that truly understands their desires and what is important to them.
    • Convenience and accessibility – A program that is easy to access and manage is music to one’s ears. Don’t make your customer jump through hoops to attain the offer – keep it simple.

While these factors must be considered, the major aspect is the reward itself! After all, the reward is what ultimately drives the customer to enroll in the incentive or loyalty program in the first place.

Popular Rewards Include:

    • Gift Cards and Gas Cards
    • Being a loyal customer should certainly give your customers instant accessibility to extra perks:
      • Offer a sweepstakes, raffle, or contest to loyal customers.
    • Cash Rewards
      • Many dealerships are finding ways to keep their customers satisfied by providing special financing deals, cash back offers, and cash allowances that would help many customers save money.
      • 0% financing with no interest rate as well as negotiable prices and credit approvals are a great way to do this.
    • Store Credits
      • Providing customers with perhaps free and/or discounted services such as: oil changes, car detailing, car parts and other merchandise.
    • Free or Discounted Upgrades
      • Whether the customer is weighing different trim packages for a vehicle they’re planning to buy or looking to add a little glamour to a vehicle they already own, remember to persuade them with exclusive offers and promotions.
    • Early or Exclusive Access to Sales
      • Dealerships can place their loyal customers on a special email/call list where selected individuals would be the first to know about the latest models and limited exclusive specials.
      • Additionally, you can provide customers with private or exclusive test drives to further attract them to check out other vehicles and offers.

Personalized Approach

    • Let’s face it, everyone likes to feel special and appreciated! A personalized message is the cherry on top! Keep in touch with your customers the way you would with your family and friends. Be mindful of preference, style, buying habits and needs. Every customer is unique in their own way and different customers will be drawn by different incentives and/or financial rewards.
    • Let’s get up close and personal! You should be communicating with your customers not only through marketing messages, but through personal avenues as well. For example: Wishing them a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, sending out holiday cards and community event notices.

The Final Take

    • Loyalty and interaction are two important key factors in every relationship. Communication is essential to enhance connections. Reviews from customers, whether they are positive or negative, will ultimately open doors and create opportunities for businesses to improve their customer morale.
    • By keeping track of this data, dealerships would be able to target certain clientele and help assist them with their specific requests and needs. By providing this service, customers would be drawn towards a particular seller, which would allow for a more personal experience and hopefully lead to long-term relationships. As an automotive digital marketing agency, D2D can help you turn this information and reviews into more customers.

With more than 40 years of in-house dealership experience, D2D has you covered from A to Z. We have the tools, capabilities and expertise that will ensure your dealership prevails and rises above the competition.

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