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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

One Agency Vs. Multiple Vendors Vs. Larger Companies

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It is a common debate whether dealerships should use different vendors because they liked what multiple companies had to offer for specific solutions, or if they should stick to the “one stop shop” method. A lot of the times, dealerships sign on with multiple companies because they want to have the best of the best for each marketing solution. Or they go with a larger company because they are under the guise that the bigger the company, the bigger the expertise they have.

If you need to run errands, would you choose to stop at numerous stores for the items you need, or would you choose the more convenient route of only having to stop once? If you were ordering a cake for a special occasion, would you rather order it from Shoprite or other chain store or from a bakery that customizes exactly what you want? You can have this same convenience, and better customer service, by using one agency to handle all your advertising efforts.

A smaller agency will never “set it and forget it”

Your agency should be regularly checking in on your campaigns and making optimizations, if needed. They should also be completely transparent with you. We have seen one too many times after taking on a new client that their previous vendors were careless with the upkeep of their digital campaigns, such as targeting geographies that were out of the dealer’s area or overspending when that budget wasn’t needed. For example, as a smaller agency with clients around the country, we take the time to get to know the area, surrounding areas and demographic. Larger companies will not have the same understanding about your area.

The other benefit of using one agency to handle your advertising is that all your campaigns will be consistent. Consistency in advertising is so important whether it is involving the creative side or with optimizations. Having one agency handle all of your campaigns will allow them to know the ins and outs of each one and where your budget will be best spent and shift accordingly.

Let your agency be your middle man

There are instances where the manufacturer requires dealers to use specific vendors for digital solutions. For example, GM likes to call these “turnkey” vendors. In this case, the dealer’s hands are tied. Your agency should be handling the back and forth and cooperating with these vendors to ensure that they have your dealership’s best interest in mind. Your agency then can keep you updated on any recommendations or changes made to your campaigns so you can focus on what you do best – selling cars! If you have multiple vendors, it is hard to pinpoint which one should be responsible for what. This goes along with the customer service end of what a smaller agency will provide.

Not all vendors are up to speed with co-op requirements

Some larger agencies and vendors aren’t totally up to speed on the co-op requirements for all manufacturers. I have worked with larger companies who were running digital campaigns for accounts that I manage. It was apparent to me that they did not know the co-op guidelines that were required by the manufacturer. This of course slowed down the co-op claim process and effected the dealership to receive their funds since ads were not compliant. Your co-op funds are one of your most important assets. Afterall, who doesn’t want to utilize free money from the manufacturer?

Only needing to contact one person will make your life easier

Working with one automotive marketing agency will of course take some work off your plate. If you need to send your dealership’s specials, budget requests, questions, or concerns, you will only need to reach out to one point of contact. Not to mention, you will only have one person to blame if you aren’t getting the results you expected! When working with multiple vendors, they will always point the figure at each other when something goes wrong. As a dealership, that becomes frustrating because you will be getting mixed messages from each of them. If you’re currently managing multiple vendors, here is another blog that might help you – Staying on Top of Your Advertising and Messaging.

Overall, using one automotive digital marketing agency in place of using various vendors or even using a larger company, will save you time and ultimately will get you better results because of the consistency factor. You will also get better customer service and a true genuine partnership. If you are interested in learning about any of our marketing solutions, please contact us directly at