Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Preparing for Winter Service Specials

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With the cold weather approaching rapidly (and do I dare say snow) now is the time to push service specials and vehicle maintenance. The average person may not be aware of the overall change a vehicle must go through when the cold weather hits. Cold weather requires different maintenance to keep things running smoothly on your vehicle as well as staying safe on the road. Take the opportunity to educate your customers and push service specials specific to the maintenance of a vehicle during the winter before the cold front comes.

 Educating Your Customers

We can’t assume every person who gets their vehicle serviced may know the full maintenance of a vehicle during the different seasons. This brings us to the first step which is educating your customers about why it’s important to keep your vehicle service during the cold months. Your dealership can advertise a banner on your service specials landing page and/or a homepage banner. These banners can give some key points of service suggestions and as to why they are important. Once the banners are created with information your dealership can back it up by adding service specials specific to what should be done!

Service Coupons

Here are some key service factors to consider when creating service specials geared toward winter weather conditions:

    • Tire check
    • Brake check
    • Battery check
    • Fluids check

Tires are key in the snow to prevent slipping and sliding by checking the tire tread depth to ensure there is enough grip. This instance would be a perfect time for promote a special for snow tire changes, tire rotations and an alignment check. Following tires, brakes are equally as important to check if there’s enough material left on the brake pads to help stop adequately. This would be a prime opportunity to run a brake pad service special.

Another key component for winter vehicle service sure your battery is accepting a good charge and it’s not drained. Having a battery test done is essential to make sure the battery cells are still good. Cold weather can be hard for your battery and can make it work harder therefore your dealership can promote specials for battery testing and battery replacements.

Lastly, fluids are vital to make sure your engine is working properly. Antifreeze over time can break down and lose its ability to keep your engine at the proper temperature. Washer fluid is a necessity to keep visibility clear when the salt gets on your windshield. Hoses also should be checked as they can become brittle and leak over time in cold weather. Service specials to promote can include an antifreeze flush and a washer fluid refill.


Wintertime is a prime opportunity to educate your customers on the importance of vehicle maintenance while pushing service specials to boost your service business. Don’t let this opportunity of the season changes pass you by and start pushing cold weather service specials! D2D has managed everything from targeted automotive service campaigns, email campaigns, conventional media and so much more. If you need help making sure your dealership stands out against your competition, contact us today!