Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Product Dive: Website Watchdog

3 min read

Have you ever found yourself asking: How can I keep up with the everchanging website technology? If you have, then Website Watchdog may be right for you! In this blog, we’re going to dive deeper into what our product, “Website Watchdog”, offers, and what it means to have someone actually watching your website for you.

Being aware of the moving parts of your website takes time, energy, and knowledge. We are trained and proficient in finding the constant changes on your website that may come from your OEM dealer, different hands that have a part in uploading and editing your monthly and daily fluctuations, or errors that may just be a technical glitch. Questions such as: “Have I checked the mobile website this month?” “Are my phone numbers routing correctly?” and “Did I lose co-op dollars because of a bad landing page?” can now evaporate as you acquire the peace of mind that comes with having a Website Watchdog. Those broken links and out of date specials will be fixed in no time!

For customers, consistency is key. And for you, compliance is. Avoiding violations and fines that come from not having the correct creative will benefit you with time and money. Having an automotive website management tool like Website Watchdog will ensure all the traffic generated to your site sees updated information, the best pricing, easy to navigate pages, and can submit a lead with ease. Having a fresh pair of eyes on the same website that you probably look at day after day can spot errors that your brain is already trained to overlook! We have a dedicated, rotating team that picks up these errors in record time. Sites monitored by D2D Website Watchdog hit below average bounce rates, have 100% coverage and the highest level of consistency for monthly campaigns.

With Website Watchdog, both functionality and website design are top priorities – keeping the user (your customer) in mind. Not only do we check to make sure what you have is already working, we also make suggestions on how your website could operate better. We advise changes based on our experience of working with high performing websites and our marketing solutions that have a proven track record. Now more than ever, people are utilizing the power of online shopping- and this makes it crucial for you to have an online presence that will make an impression, for your website to answer the questions that car buyers have, and for you to have clear calls to action that gets you results.

Your website is the first impression for many of your potential customers. Capture more customers faster with a website that is straightforward, consistent, and eye-catching. A great visual design matters: it only takes a matter of seconds for a customer to decide if they’ll stay on your website or not! The more time they spend shopping around on your website, the more information we have that we can pair with some of our other marketing solutions, to track your customer and capture them (see: Advanced Retargeting). Let us help you create a reputation that you’ll be proud of! If you’re questioning whether or not Website Watchdog is right for you, then it probably is! Let us take away your website worries and contact us today at 877-958-4524.