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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

“Restore Our Earth” and the Automotive Industry

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Earth is our home and collectively we need to protect, preserve, and restore it. April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the anniversary of initiating environmental change. Earth Day is a reminder that caring for our planet needs to be ongoing because change does not happen in a day. For over 50 years, people have been fighting for different aspects of environmental change, with the focus of this year’s Earth Day being Restore our Earth. Restoring our Earth focuses on innovative technologies and processes to repair our planet. There are a variety of creative ways to make environmentally friendly decisions, regardless of their size; the impact is what counts. Together we can take steps to reduce waste, go green, and allow our planet to flourish for generations to come. This effort of course includes the automotive industry.

As we know, the transportation industry is a major player in releasing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere causing increased air pollutants. Fortunately, standard gas guzzling cars are not the only option on the automotive market. The world’s brightest minds have been creating and discovering new technologies for sustainable electric and hybrid automotive solutions for years and continue to modify and improve the process. Electric (EV) and hybrid cars reduce pollutants and allow for a cleaner form of transportation, moving us in the right direction to preserve our planet. When making your next car purchase, consider the greener alternative and drive electric.

Electric cars are just one way that we can reduce the carbon footprint of the automotive industry. Another method of preserving our planet is buying a used car to save on production materials and reduce the release of toxins into the air. It is important to note that older cars may need more maintenance if they have prior issues, so considering the past and future life of the car can make it a viable option to consider when determining what car to buy.

Our world has forever changed due to COVID-19 and has resulted in many working from home temporarily or permanently. The decrease of automobiles on the road allowed our planet time to recover and breathe. As more and more people are getting vaccinated, and states and businesses are opening back up to the public, we are beginning to resume to a state of normalcy. With that normalcy comes an increase of cars on the road, but we can minimize it. As we get back out, take the opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and coworkers by carpooling to work and events after quarantining for over a year. Socializing and bonding is good for the mind and carpooling is good for the planet.

Now is the perfect time to start advertising your EV and hybrid inventory. Earth Day might only be celebrated on one day of the year, but it certainly sparks the conversation for the weeks to come. If you have electric and hybrid inventory, now is a great time to sit down with your automotive digital marketing agency and strategize your advertising efforts for these vehicles.

Of course, in addition to the methods listed above, there are multiple other ways to make a difference when trying to get from point A to point B. If the situation is COVID safe, consider taking public transportation like a bus, train, or subway to decrease the number of cars on the road, BUT for the sake of your dealership sales, we will focus on those EV and hybrid vehicles!

As a dealership manager, this Earth Day you can also take time to reflect on your current choices and consider if there are any new environmentally friendly opportunities you can add into your daily routine. Whether it is skipping on a plastic straw or purchasing an electric vehicle, every decision has a lasting impact and collectively we can make a difference. As we recover from separation during a pandemic, we need to come together to restore our earth because there is no Planet B!

To learn more and get involved in your local community, visit the official Earth Day website! For help on strategizing the advertising for your EV and hybrid vehicles, contact us today.