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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Small Changes to a Website for a Better Buying Experience

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Living in a digital world has the same impact as living in a busy city. Everyone and everything is moving at high speed. Sometimes it can be a challenge to stand out in an environment like that. Digitally, it is the same. People are bouncing around from website to website within seconds. The window to engage a potential client is minimal. There are some small changes to a website that can make for a better buying experience for your potential customers.

Enhancements to Your Website To Sell Online

Some tips in automotive digital marketing are to have a user-friendly, clean-looking website to lock in a browser, but it goes beyond that to keep them on the website. A website needs to catch the user’s eye while also giving them the tools to use the website effectively. Many different factors go into having a user-friendly platform. It must be cohesive on desktop and mobile versions. Many users pick up their phones and tablets to do online shopping – so having a user-friendly mobile site is critical.

Users are going to want their experience to be as effortless as possible. The first step is having a website that is sleek, to the point, and engaging. Having the search bar on the homepage easily accessible gives the consumer the incentive to stay on your website longer. The search bar needs to be fully functional in pulling up whatever keywords the consumer searches. If it does not run smoothly, it could push the user to move onto a new website.

Having web page banners on the homepage that show what specials are running for the month is an easy way for a potential client to see what vehicles are within their budget. When adding these, make sure that all links are linking through to active inventory. If anything links to a blank inventory page, it could cause a user to look elsewhere.

An Easy Pricing Experience

When selling cars, there are ways to present them online that will help with the sale. A pricing breakout under each model listing on the website to show all the discounts included will draw them in. Seeing a dealer’s discount will automatically put the consumer into the mindset that they will be saving on the car.

Another selling point would be to have a user-friendly pricing tool right on your website next to the vehicle of interest. This way, they can open that up to see what kind of deal they will be getting on that car. It gives transparency from the dealer to the buyer. It will also provide the consumer the advantage of seeing what they can work with within their budget.

Displaying Vehicles for Sale

Your website is essentially your online showroom, and you want to ensure the presentation is clean, cohesive, and presentable to the client. Having high-quality photos of the vehicles is extremely important – primarily when selling used cars. It is easier to get away with stock photos of new cars, but not pre-owned. Clients want to be able to see every detail of the vehicle of interest. Having clean and clear images will boost the opportunity to sell to that vehicle. Vehicle walk-around videos are also another way of increasing a sale. These type of videos works well for both new and used cars. It allows going over all the features in the vehicle, which are a selling point as is. It will also give the user another way to see the details of the exterior and interior.

Small Changes with Big Rewards

These are all different methods of automotive digital advertising that will get more users to your website, but it’s just as important to keep them on the website and convert them to a lead within their first or second visit. Knowing how to use automotive digital marketing to the dealer’s advantage can change the number of sales drastically. There are many ways of promoting a brand, building an online reputation, and selling virtually. Using an automotive digital marketing agency will also enhance the engagement of a potential client and the dealership. If you, like so many dealerships, don’t have time to dedicate to the details of your website. D2D’s Website Watchdog program is probably right for you. Contact us today to learn more!