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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Summer Advertising for your Dealership

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The bees are buzzing, ocean waves are crashing, the sun is shining, and more vehicles are on the road than ever – it must be summer! With warmer weather, the summer becomes a busy season for many people wanting to purchase a new vehicle with trips to take and places to go. This also becomes a perfect opportunity for dealerships to promote the service department specials because, after a long winter, many vehicles may need repairs and maintenance. Summer is an ideal time to boost your dealership’s advertising in either holiday colors, if allowed, or gear your imagery towards summer and family-friendly related photography.



Warmer Weather Brings More Customers


Most people opt to buy in the summer because it’s easier to browse options and test drive in more ideal weather conditions. Summer also brings more daylight and longer days for people wanting to stop before or after busy schedules. Holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day all fall within the summer season which creates a perfect opportunity to push more advertising. Dealerships can promote special holiday offers for the holiday weekend which can draw more traffic within your dealership. If your manufacturer and store brand allows it, you can get creative with your advertisements and make them more patriotic through imagery and colors to help promote the idea of these holidays. People also expect new vehicle year models towards the end of summer. If you have new models, redesigns, or even inventory or a new vehicle year, be sure to advertise!


Summer also brings a lot of people going on day trips and road trips, so when people pack up their vehicles to go, they may be left with a surprise. As families expand their usual ride may not cut it anymore and they may need more space to accommodate all the things they may need to pack. Within your dealerships advertisements you can show vehicles on the road, people camping, at the beach, or at a lake to help promote the idea of taking a trip.

The end of summer also is a prime time to prepare for back to school with families. These are both perfect opportunities to push family-friendly vehicles that people may need to upgrade in order to gain more space to accommodate more children and friends. For back-to-school your dealership can show vehicles with families outside a house or a driveway to show the family aspect.


Summer Vehicle Maintenance


Winter is a rough time on a vehicle with all the road hazards therefore when summer comes along vehicle maintenance and repairs may be needed. Road conditions in the winter bring various potholes showing up out of nowhere! Boost your sales department’s specials for wheel alignments and tire rotations to ensure vehicles are running smoothly and straight on all the summer road trips. Summer also becomes a perfect opportunity for replacement air and cabin filters with the season changes to help customers breathe easy with all the pollen. Lastly, promote customers to come in and have their AC checked to help keep them cool all summer long.



Have Fun with Summer


Make your dealership stand out by having holiday specials while gearing your advertising towards summer activities and boosting your service department specials to help keep vehicles on the road safely. Summer is such a busy season and is a great opportunity increase traffic in your dealership – don’t miss out! D2D has managed everything from advanced retargeting, targeted service campaigns, social media management and so much more. If you need help making sure your dealership emails stand out above the rest, contact us today!