Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Targeting At-Home Car Shoppers

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A customer’s car search starts with online research before heading into the dealership. 80% of consumers start their search with a different manufacturer in mind than the brand they buy.  Many users are utilizing digital, and there’s a huge market for buying vehicles online. Anything is at your fingertips now with online shopping. Some of the top digital channels car shoppers visit to start their search are:

    • Dealership Websites
    • OEM Websites
    • Search Engine
    • Professional Vehicle Evaluation Review Sites
    • Customer Review Sites

Your dealership should be taking advantage of utilizing your presence online to generate more buyers!

Optimize Your Dealership Website

Your website is the home of your brand and the go-to for potential customers. It should have interactive features to keep a customer engaged. Having a user-friendly website with easy access to inventory, the search bar, scheduling, and a digital retailing tool is key. Having a digital retailing tool is very important because potential buyers can input their budget and see exactly what their payments will be. You also want to make sure that your dealership location and directions are accessible. Display your phone numbers and contact forms or information in a prominent location so customers can easily speak with you.

    • Is your website up to date with current promotions and specials?
    • Can a user easily find your inventory or use the search bar?
    • Do your form fills and contact information work correctly?
    • Is your service scheduler easy to use?
    • Is your contact information and location displayed on your homepage?
    • Have you set up a digital retailing tool like WebBuy on your dealership website?

Many customers are viewing your website on mobile. It is crucial to ensure that it is mobile optimized. When it comes to mobile users, there are more distractions. If your website and landing pages are not loading quick enough, you can potentially lose that visitor. A few questions to ask yourself:

    • Is everything working properly on mobile?
    • Can users find what they need at a quick speed?
    • Is your mobile website user-friendly with clear information?
    • Do the images on mobile load quick enough?
    • Can they call you directly from your mobile site or find you on maps?

Utilize SEO Strategies

The most important way for your website to bring in new customers is to optimize search engines. You want your dealership populating on the search engine results pages. Many users are clicking the first few results they see. When a dealership is running a proper SEO campaign, it drives better quality buyers to your website. There are a few factors that go into running a successful SEO campaign – a well-designed, user-friendly website, keyword research, and quality social media content and presence. Choosing keywords that have a high search volume but low competition will benefit your website traffic.

Use Data To Your Benefit

Tracking your online traffic is very important to know what is working online and what is not. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool to help analyze the data coming to your website. The main goals to start with are – Leads, Phone Calls, Chats and Texts. Reviewing the data and becoming familiar with it will help you decide what to invest into which will help your campaigns bring in better data.

Promote Your Customer Reviews

Reviews are extremely powerful when it comes to buyers making decisions. It can make or break your brand. Building up your reviews gives you that backbone of trust. It will help buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from you. There are many different websites that help track reviews:

    • Google Reviews
    • Yelp Reviews
    • Facebook Reviews
    • And more!

Having solid, trust-worthy reviews will benefit your dealership. You can also implement reviews straight to your website to have everything all in one spot.

Create Current Content and Use Video Marketing

Staying up to date with content on your website, blog, social media channels will help reach today’s digital users. You want to stay consistent with current promotions, vehicle launches, and any dealership events. Personalized ads can build a more personal relationship with a potential buyer as well.

Video marketing is a huge way to bring in buyers. Users are more likely to visit a dealership and search their inventory after watching a video used in an advertisement, or on social media. Utilize your social media channels by producing quality videos. Videos can be incorporated into Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Content can include special deals going on during the month, vehicle walk-around videos, service department tips, and more. These videos don’t have to be long, just a minute to keep users engaged. Another way to really boost your video marketing is to reach buyers through Cable TV and OTT. This will get your video shown out to users who are in the market.

As an automotive digital marketing company, our primary goal is to drive quality, relevant shoppers to your website. The next and most important piece of that is setting up the website to convert to a shopper or buyer. For more information or help with your website, contact us today!