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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

The Benefits of Blogging

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One common mistake when it comes to companies and their marketing is not utilizing a blog on their platform. Blogs bring many benefits like gaining more traffic to your website, building your brand online and strengthening your relationship with your customers. It is a very important form of content marketing that can increase your online presence. Since you’ve stumbled across this blog, it’s likely you know how effective it can be for automotive digital marketing.

Here are four different reasons why a blog would benefit your dealership.

  1. It will drive customers to your website.

It is highly recommended to build your blog within your current website domain. That way you are not bringing any customers off your website. Your blog will be updated consistently with new content which will increase your opportunity to populate on search engine results pages. You can also include SEO tactics in your blog to increase that chance. 

  1. Blogging helps build your relationship with your customers.

Blogs are a way to show all sides of your dealership. Some blog posts can be industry-related, and others can be news about your dealership. It gives you a platform to update your customers on the latest topics surrounding your brand and within the automotive industry. In addition, you can gain a more personal relationship through blogs that are geared towards company news. Both strategies help build trust with your customers.

  1. Gives you control over your online presence.

Build your online presence, reputation, and brand on your own. Having a blog allows you to be in charge of what you want to publish and how you want to reflect your dealership. 

  1. Generates leads for sales and service.

The blogs are already bringing in additional traffic, which increases your chances that a customer will engage with your website. This can include filling out a form fill, clicking on a call-to-action or shopping your website. Including a call-to-action on every blog post will solidify that chance. See the timeline below on how website traffic can turn into a lead for your sales team.

    1. Strangers – they see your content such as blog, keywords, and social media.
    2. Turns into Visitors – they’ll engage with your call-to-actions, form fills, and website landing pages.
    3. Turns into Leads – you receive the lead from step 2. Your team handles the sale through dealership sales emails, workflow and follow-ups.
    4. Turns into Customers – you focus on customer retention and relationships by hosting events, social follow-ups, and content drivers toward existing customers. 

What Blog Topics Should You Post?

As an automotive dealership, you want to post blog topics that are geared toward your audience. You want to stay relevant to what your consumer is looking for. When it comes to blogs, stay consistent with your posting. You can touch points on many different topics, starting with the list below: 

1. Updates on Latest Topics and Industry Knowledge – Be the first to announce upcoming topics within your brand and the automotive industry. Get your customers just as excited as you are for the future of car buying at your dealership. Some topics can include:

a. New Models

b. Inventory Shortages 

c. Growth Opportunities

d. New Vehicle Reviews

2. Dealership News and Successions – This is where you can become a little more personal with your customers. You want to use this blog to help build the relationship you have, gain trust, and show them who you are. You can do this by the list below:

a. Dealership Expansions/Building Updates

b. Hitting Sales Goals

c. Thanking Your Customers

d. Monthly Newsletters

3. Upcoming News – A blog is a great place to give your customers more details about upcoming news, or to talk about events that have happened. 

a. Dealership Events

b. Dealership Fundraisers

c. Post-Event Updates 

4. Inventory Vehicles/Guides to Buying/Dealership Incentives – This is a perfect spot to add anything from your current inventory to buying trends and tips, to vehicle safety, and more. Think about what a buyer would need to know before investing in such a big purchase. 

a. Vehicle Tutorials 

b. Inventory Spotlights 

c. 10 Things You Need to Know About Your New Vehicle

d. How to Enhance the Life of Your Vehicle

e. Used Car Buying Guides 

f. Financing vs Leasing – Tips on What Fits You Best

g. What We Love About (Model Name)

h. How to Know When It’s Time for a New Car?

i. Best Vehicle for a New Driver – Add in budget-friendly inventory link to this!  

j. Comparison between two vehicle models

k. Trading in Your Vehicle or Private Selling

l. Dealership Promotions/Incentives

5. Brand Awareness – Use your blog to build up your brand awareness and give gratitude towards your current employees. This can be done by using the blog topics below, which can also be used towards social media posts! 

a. Employees of the month:

i. Sales Manager of the Month

ii. Salesmen/women of the Month

iii. Service Advisor of the Month

iv. Technician of the Month

b. Meet Our Team

c. Benefits of Buying at Your Dealership

6. Service Blogs – Service is a big part of your returning customers. You want to be the dealership that sold them their vehicle and can maintain that same vehicle. Having different blog topics about how important service is, and when to schedule will help drive customers to schedule with you. 

a. Car Maintenance and Service Checklist

b. Have you gotten your tires rotated and balanced?

c. When Was Your Last Oil Change?

d. How to Inspect Your Oil? 

e. Why You Should Never Ignore Warning Lights & Understanding What They Mean

f. Maintenance and Car Tips (geared towards your location – winter weather, mountains/rocky roads, busy cities) 

g. What to Do When You Get a Flat

7. Extras/Fun Topics – Get creative with your blog! It doesn’t have to be fully centered around your business. You can give fun ideas, or places to visit, in your products, or that have to do with owning a vehicle. 

a. Best Vacations within Driving Distance

b. Best Places to Get Your Car Washed – Add in your dealership’s detail center if you have one!

c. Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

d. Car Cleaning Hacks for Your Spring-Cleaning

e. Best Car Shows Around Here

f. Christmas Gift Guide for Your Vehicle

When it comes to blogging, find what fits your dealership and brand best. It’s all about staying consistent in posting, and you’ll start to see the benefits of having your blog up to date. If you’re interested in generating more quality traffic to your website, D2D can help. Contact us to speak to an automotive digital marketing expert today.