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Tips On Enhancing Your Google My Business Page

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If you’re a dealership owner or GM, it is crucial to have a Google My Business page. If you’re not familiar with this platform, it is a business listing within Google. It is a snapshot of your business that points out your best features and allows customers to engage with you. Google My Business Profile is free for businesses and enhances your digital presence. It is a powerful tool used for businesses to increase their visibility and reach potential costumes. The more content you fill out, the easier it is for a customer to get to know your business. To get the most out of your page, you need to make sure that your profile is fully optimized.


Step 1: Fill Out Each Section on Your Profile

There are a few different areas to look for when updating your business information. The more you fill out, the more engagement. It will invite customers into your business and will help Google rank you higher in local search results.

These sections are quick and easy to set up:

    • Website: Link your website directly into your Google profile.

    • Address: Make sure to have your address populated and verify your location. Having your location will provide customers with directions straight to your establishment.

    • Phone Number: Filling out your contact phone number will make it easier for customers using a mobile device to click to call.

    • Business Hours: don’t forget to update for holiday closures/etc.

    • Business Description: Add a short description of your dealership including aspects of both sales and service departments.

    • Questions & Answers: You can create owner-generated FAQs to answer basic questions someone may have about your business.

    • Define Your Category: Make sure to put your dealership into the category section, this will populate as: “Subaru Dealer in Montville, NJ” for example.

These sections are ongoing:

    • Products: You can add products such as service specials, parts, and more.

    • Posts: Adding updates on what’s going on at your dealership, promotions and more will help attract more potential customers.

    • Reviews: These are a huge part of what will make or break a customer’s decision to use your dealership.

Step 2: Stay up to Date on Google Reviews

Reviews can make your business much more appealing online. They are an essential component to your digital presence. People lean towards others to give them a direct look into your business through their experience. They can also increase how your website is ranked in search results. Learn how to easily request reviews from your customers by clicking here.

Staying up to date on reviews and replying to them builds up your brand reputation.  Handling both good and bad reviews with respect will show your commitment to your customers. It builds a relationship between you and your customers which can build lifelong loyalty to your dealership. Click here for more information on reputation management.

Step 3: Post Photos Regularly

People love looking at photos, it brings them in, makes them question more about your store, and gives them an extra pull to come in. When you have up-to-date photos on your Google Business Profile, it elevates the entire thing. It will help you stand out from all other profiles and keep their eyes on your page. One photo that is crucial to have is a profile cover photo. This will show up at the top of your Google Business Profile.

Some other types of photos to add are the exterior and interior of your dealership, your service and parts center, your service and parts van, some showroom vehicles, and anything else your dealership has to offer. You want to make sure the photos are high-quality, clear, and eye-catching. This will leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Step 4: Post Frequent Updates

Updates let you promote real-time specials through posts. You can post anything that will attract them into your showroom, this can include:

    • Special offers and promotions

    • Dealership Events

    • Products and services

    • All-new models

This is another avenue to keep your customers engaged in your store and up to date on what you offer.

If you’re having trouble navigating the waters of Google My Business, D2D can help. As an automotive digital advertising agency, it’s our job to make sure your digital presence is top-notch. Contact us today to get started!