Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Writing a Blog for Dealership

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A blog, in 2022? Even though you’re reading one now, I’m sure you’re thinking that this sounds so 2000’s but hear us out! Your digital marketing is flowing, your website looks great, your digital ads are performing well. I’m sure the last thing you want to do is add another step into your marketing plan, however, blogs can be a tremendous digital marketing tool and a great way to build upon your existing brand. We at D2D have put together 5 reasons why you should consider a blog for your dealership and what it can do for you!

1. Establish Your Dealership as an Industry Expert

While your website may already contain a large source of useful information, a blog is a great way to show that your dealership is knowledgeable, informed and up-to date on the latest and greatest in the automotive industry, without being too salesy. This can build customer confidence in your dealership and increase the likelihood of a sale. What better way to get news out there while building customer trust than putting together a few short paragraphs about a topic you’re already pros at.

2. A Source for New Leads

Of course, the point of a marketing plan is to generate new leads and bring in new customers to your dealership to ultimately sell more vehicles. With product specific posts, you can give customers valuable information about a vehicle they be interested in or possible upgrades they can expect with newer models. By providing this information, your dealership can really attract those actively looking in the market and doing their research on a particular vehicle.

3. Rich Source of SEO-Related Content

While you’re already spending money on your existing marketing plan, blogs are a great way to increase your organic SEO and site traffic. Blogging allows you to go into more detail and creates a large, helpful, and informative catalog for your automotive niche. Google indexed pages and fresh content will alert search engines that they should be continuously checking your site for new content, and as a result, increases the opportunity of climbing the ranks in search engines and help your website stand out among others.

4. Convert Your Website Traffic

As part of our Website Watchdog program, we manage a lot of dealership websites. Even though every dealership wants more website traffic to convert, a blog is often the last thing on the list. Not only can blogging boost your website traffic but it’s a great way to increase the opportunity of converting that traffic into a lead. A potential customer reads your blog and likes the information you’ve provided, by providing proper call-to-actions on each post, they will be more inclined to reach out and explore what your dealership has to offer. These CTAs could include: “Check out our new inventory” or “Get Your Instant Cash Offer” and link to a landing page that gathers the potential customers information and alerts the dealership.

5. Achieve Results with Minimal Spend

Blogs are a great inexpensive way to promote your already existing marketing plan, and achieve all the points above, forever! Like pretty much anything on the internet, once it’s out there, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. The upside to that is you may get many leads, initially, but it can also continue to bring in leads and traffic for years to come.

A blog on your dealership’s website might not be something you’ve ever thought of before OR it may never have struck you as an asset to your marketing efforts. However, blogs are indeed the best way to create original, relevant, and engaging content which in turn could help your dealership sell more cars. If your dealership is looking to build a blog or for new digital advertising ideas, our team at Digital to Dealer Direct can help you accomplish your goals. Call us today 877-958-4524 or visit our website to learn about the many automotive marketing services we provide.