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Your Automotive Marketing Specialists

Improving the Customer Experience with Digital Retailing

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Being in the digital age where most shoppers make their purchases online, customers are now expecting much more out of their car-buying experiences. The same ease they experience when purchasing groceries or clothing, they want to experience in the car buying process. All it takes is one bad experience to drive your customer to a competitor instead.

Traditionally, most dealerships focus on the physical showroom and what the customer’s experience is like in person. However, now not only do dealerships need to worry about the in-person experience but also their “digital showroom” where the customer can shop online for your new and used inventory as well as your service department. As customers are setting standards higher than ever, now is the time to focus on the ease and convenience of your “digital showroom” and we’re here to give you a few pointers on how you can improve your customer’s experience.

Find the Right Digital Retailing Platform

This is probably a given but the biggest factor in improving your customer’s experience with digital retailing is finding the right digital platform to support it all. When you’re selecting what automotive digital retailing platform your dealership will use, you want to ensure that deals go into your DMS, that it’s user-friendly, that numbers will be accurate and consistent, and that users can complete a transaction. The best platform will assist your in-store dealership team and improve the entire car buying process.

Online and Offline Showrooms

While so many things have changed in the automotive industry in the last several years, one thing is still clear – customers want transparency and honesty. When a dealership can communicate clearly and honestly, it builds that relationship with the customer. What does this mean for your dealership? Ensure that there is consistency between your online showroom and your digital showroom. If someone begins their car buying process online, make sure all the information remains the same if they decide to complete to process in person. The process should flow seamlessly without any obstacles. This can build trust and brand loyalty among your customers.

Integrate Your Website with Technology

While most consumers prefer to make purchases online, many automotive customers want that dealership experience, especially for any questions that may arise during and after the sales process. Technology such as 360-degree views of a vehicle that include the trim, colors, upholsteries, and more is a great way to enable customers to physically see what they’re purchasing. This digital integration gives them a chance to look at all the vehicle’s details as if they were right there in the showroom, without having to leave their couch.

In addition to 360-degree views, a live chat feature on your website is a great way to improve your customer’s digital experience. It provides that human element that may be missing in the digital retailing process. In real-time, customers can ask questions about a prospective vehicle as if they were in the showroom. Professional live support can keep a deal moving and provide instant insight when the customer needs it.

Additional Digital Tools

We talk about digital showrooms quite often when we’re talking about digital retailing but there are additional tools to institute into your dealership that will also improve the digital retailing experience. Companies such as Call Team Six, offer programs that can assist in contacting your vehicle prospects and convert them into sales. With these programs, customers or leads will be contacted via text message, emails and/or phone calls with a campaign you have selected. Your sales team can instantly respond to customers with videos and details of a vehicle they are interested in via text message. You can use their professionally trained BDC or integrate it within your existing one.

As the digital world continues to evolve there are more opportunities than ever for dealers to improve the customer experience throughout the car buying journey. If your dealership is looking to improve or build its digital footprint, let Digital to Dealer Direct assist you in the process. For more information, contact us today or download our Digital Retailing White Paper.