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Tips for Creating a Successful Landing Page

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Looking to get successful website conversion that converts visitors into leads? If so, you’ve some to the right place! Fortunately, it doesn’t take a mastermind to figure this out, only a few basic rules to follow. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some of the most important tips for you to follow!

Getting Started

To begin, you want to focus on the overall purpose of your landing page. What is the goal of your page and why do you want visitors to come there in the first place? Prospects only care about what you offer based on how it will benefit them. Once you understand and pinpoint what benefits you can offer, you can begin your foundation of creating an effective landing page.

An important concept to recognize, while developing your content, is to remain customer-centric in your messaging. It’s all about the customer and how you can pique their interest in what you have to offer.

The Three Ws

You’ve probably learned this in grade school writing class but while developing your landing page, remember the three Ws – Who. What. Why.

    • Who is your target audience?

    • What are you offering?

    • Why does this matter to the visitor?

As soon as the page loads, you want it to be able to answer those three questions, and fast!

A Great Headline

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover, yet, we all still do it. The same goes for a headline on a page. You want to grab someone’s attention and pull them in so they WANT to read more. Remember that you have a target audience, so when writing a headline, keep them in mind. You want to pinpoint a message that clearly resonates with them, just like a great cover would.

With a headline, you also want to keep it simple and to the point yet address how your product is beneficial. Don’t try to squeeze all your products benefits into a single headline. It comes off gimmicky and too good to be true. Use strong words but still be clear about what you’re offering. As an automotive digital marketing agency, we are lucky to have some great designers and team members who spend time coming up with great headlines, so if you need a little help, we’ve got you covered!

Keep their Attention

We’ve got a great headline and now you need the meat of your page. Sometimes that starts with a great sub-headline to further explain what you’re offering. It’s your extra chance to promote the value of what you’re offering. Your sub-head can serve as your body copy or it could just be a “subtitle” to your great headline. This is the perfect place to express the benefits that compliment your headline or to discuss an actual offer.

If you don’t include a sub-headline, that’s ok. If you need more than a sub-headline to describe your product, this where the body copy comes in. Just like everything else, you want to keep your message simple, explanatory, and clear. Remember, this is your chance for conversion so you want to explain how what you offer will benefit your visitors. Make sure it speaks directly to them and hits their pain points. It’s all about the benefits and how it can help your visitor.

Back Up Your Words

So you have all this great copy that includes everything you can offer. Great! However, do you have the statics and ratings to back it up? Visitors want to trust you and what you’re offering. Providing clear successful data helps build trust and shows that you have the information to backup your words. Testimonials, endorsements, and ratings are all successful ways to provide proof and reinforce your message.


You’ve got your striking headline, your stupendous body copy, all backed by some testimonials and reviews. Great! All you need now is a way to drive all that information home and close out with your call-to-action. Your entire page should be leading up to this point and your CTA is just as important, if not more so, than the rest of the copy on your page.

Just like all the other elements on the page, keep your visitor in mind. Be as specific as to what will happen next. Include some urgency and be action oriented. If your CTA is a form, don’t give the visitor more work than they need. Only ask for fields that are necessary. You also don’t want to be too salesy or pushy.

What’s Next?

When all is said and done the goal is to convert visitors and drive leads, and the words we chose to use, are the biggest impact on how a user behaves on your landing page. If a particular page isn’t converting well, it might be time to revisit that page and change it up. A good landing page is never complete. Do your research so that your message matches your target audience. Continue to update your success stories. Play around with wording to see what works best with your visitors. And remember, your pages will always be a work in progress and should never remain the same for TOO long, unless it’s working, of course.

These basic guidelines will certainly get you on your way to higher conversion on your landing pages. Our Website Watchdog program combines all of these tips to provide our dealers with the landing pages they need to do exactly that.

Still having trouble figuring out where to start? At Digital to Dealer Direct, we have a team of intelligent and diligent marketers who are learning and understanding the digital changes that are occurring in our world. We are on top of the 2022 digital marketing trends to provide you with the best advertising experience and success as possible. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help YOU, contact us today at 877-958-4524.